Im pregnant,can your stoamch show at 2 weeks

lately I been looking at my stoamch and it looks like im starting to show!!! Can you start to show at 2 weeks or not??!?!?

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No hun
You wont start showing till ATLEAST 2months.

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for the people who said that you can't find out until your 5 weeks are so wrong. I just found out im pregnant and I had a doctor apointment made forthe next day and they went to see how far along I was and it turns out I'm 3.5 weeks along.

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Since you wouldn't be able to even see the fertilized egg with your eye yet it is very unlikely that you would be showing. Your stomach gets bigger as the "baby" gets bigger...normally this happens at about 3-5 months depending on how big you are.

However, as icibanarky said, some pregnant women bloat up...kind of like right before you get your period.

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how old are u?
and yea it only starts at like 2 mnths.

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Is true, modern technology peeing on a stick has come a long way! Won't be long we'll be able to know the same day! I highly doubt anyone is "lying" on here. What's the point?just different stories and experiences people. Chill out for the babe if not urself! I dare say wine would be better for the kid than your angst. Apparently in parts of Europe pregnant women drink every day and deliver healthy babies. Just sayin...

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you should start showing at 2months (:

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I am 6 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I already have a 4 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I found out I was pregnant at appx. 4 weeks. By last week (my 5th week) I was finding my pants to be uncomfortable. Now, at 6 weeks, I am in maternity pants/jeans. It blows my mind and I am anxious to go to the doctor in about 3 weeks to find out if maybe my dates are off; but as I keep track of AF, ovulation times, etc., I don't think they are. I honestly look about 3 months pregnant, my belly is hard (not mushy) as it was with my first two, as well.

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I am only 3 weeks pregnant and I can not suck in already. Everyone is different and you will show at different times. This is my third child and they say the more you have the quicker you show. And I knew I was pregnant at 2 1/2 weeks as well. That is actually from the time of conception. Everyone is different so it's really hard to answer a question like that!! Just know there are a lot of us in the boat with you!! Good luck on your pregnancy! :)

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hey girl im only 2 months pregnant and I look about 5 months! this is my first baby and I thought it was very strange but if your thin you usually start to show fairly soon... you have to be about 5 weeks gone because you can't find out if your pregnant until you miss a period so you probably conceived about 2-3 weeks ago but your actually about 5 (ask your doctor to explain it) so don't worry hun its very normal your just bloated

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im 5 weeks pregnant and when I was 2 weeks I couldnt 'suck it in' meaning my stomach. and started to get bloated. and now im getting a lot bigger and im always tired and I pee all the time. my boobs are sore too. and occasionally I get sick. only for a bit though, it comes and goes. hope I helped!

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How do you even know you are pregnant at two weeks? The first time someone finds out they are pregnant (and that is usually the first day after their missed period) they are already 5 weeks pregnant!

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How do you even know you are pregnant at 2 weeks? Usually, the first time a woman finds out she is pregnant (the first day after a missed period) she is already 5 weeks pregnant! (well, 3 really..but we call it 5...too hard to explain.) But if you miss your period then have a pregancy test the day after...the doctor will tell you that you are about 5 weeks.

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Yes babe it is possible. The people who said that it is not possible just have not experienced it for themselves. I take it when you say you are two weeks pregnant that you have not included the weeks before conception so you are actually 4 or 5 weeks pregnant. I know that at this stage the baby is only the size of a peanut but you also have to look at everything else your body has to do to prepare for the little bubba. I am 5 weeks pregnant now with my third child and I actually googled was it possible to show at this early stage because I can't really remember with my first two. I was 7 stone 12lbs and I have put on 2lbs already. I think it is because I didn't have much fat to begin with that I can notice my tummy already.

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when I was pregnant with my first time I showed at 2 1/2 weeks I had a pouch-like thing and im skinny and skinny girls show fast.. so yes you can start showing at 2 weeks and you can start getting symptoms at 21/2 weeks because I did! I just knew I was pregnant.. I could tell because I wasnt feeling like myself and I knew I wasnt getting a cold or anything. I hope I could help!

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Not exactly, but many women "bloat" fairly early on.

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I have all the symptons and I can;t suck my tummy in and the test was faint at 2 weeks, my first day of my last period was 2 weeks and 3 days, this is my third pregnancy but first baby,

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I'm 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and I'm already looking like I'm about 3 1/2 months pregnant. When I had just missed my period (about 4 - 5 weeks along) I didn't know I was pregnant yet and I kept complaining to my husband that I was getting bigger, but really I was just really bloated and couldn't suck in. I'm about average weight and height and in my early 20's. This is my first baby. I would say it is definitely possible, everyone's body is different and almost anything can happen to your body while you're pregnant! :)

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all these people that say HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE PREGNANT AT THIS EARLY STATE and people aying you dont know until you are 5 weeks gone is a lie. I have just tested with a clear blue digital that gives you the time you concieved and how many weeks you are. I am pregnant and concieved 1-2 weeks ago and I am 3-4 weeks pregnant.

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You can't say no because everyone's body is different. I am 3 1/2 weeks and my stomach has a pouch looks like I'm 2 months this is my third child so that could be why but everyone is different you might show earlier than others

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I am on my fourth pregnancy, at 2 weeks. We experience bloating in early pregnancy. Someone who is on a third or fourth pregnancy will usually show earlier as there abdominal muscles are not as tight as they used to be when they were pregnant with their first. Twins can also be a reason to show earlier as well. I already look like I'm 2 months along, though most of it is actually bloating. Some people in their 4th pregnancy have even started to show around 7-10 weeks! Now just imagine that with twins! :) From he many pregnancies I've seen as an EMT and from my own experience, each one is different in some way :) I really enjoy feeling the flutters as the baby moves around, although I'm not a fan when they decide to stretch up against you bladder lol! Pregnancy is so special, and we are so blessed to get to experience it :)

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First of all, when was this question posted? Looks like it was posted centuries ago judging from the most answers that says it's not possible to know at 2weeks if you are pregnant. It takes 10-14days for the pregnancy hormone to start showing in the woman's body. Therefore, you can know soon just after 2weeks if you are pregnant or not for sure, but you can still know even before that with today's advanced test kits that are acurate in detecting the hormone. At 2weeks it's at full blown. Those women who don't pay close attention to their bodies are the ones that go upto the time when they miss their period... It's when they'll get concerned but for some of us we know things ain't ok at 1 week only.

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