Im not a genius, I'm a musician!

Well Im about to go into highschool, and I just got the academy of arts and minds. Its this awesome art school where I got in for piano! Now I’ve only been playing piano for about a year and a half and only in public classes so I havent had the chance to harness anywhere near my full potential. And even still im learning a claire de lune, an 8th year student piece:].

But im also an advanced student, when I get to 9th grade ill be takeing chemistry, algebra 2, and sociology I think. These are 11-12th grade classes! And its not exactly my cup of tea. My calling is music, anything do with it! Ill be happy if my job is writeing elevator music xD! I just cant keep up with such INTENSE schooling! And my Dad dosent seem to listen to me so should I just fail? Its not like they can hold me back, im years ahead! Please help!!

Answer #1

wow, dats great!! im also a musician, I play the cello the violin, just a tad bit of piano and im learning guitar, as you can see I also love music. and im also in advance classes at my high school. look dont fail!! dats the worst thing you can do! I know its frustrating when your parents dont support you in what you want, that happenes to me to, dey think music is a waste of time…but seriously you need to keep up with your school studies!! bye!

Answer #2

Wow, you sound like a talented person! I would suggest that you have a sit down chat with your parents, teachers, and/or counselor. You want to let them know how you feel - if you are overwhelmed or whatever, let them know. If you just fail, they’ll think you’re lazy or just giving up. Show them that you are interested in your education. The music industry can be tough, and you don’t want to head into it without an education to fall back on in case things don’t work out the way you plan. I’m sure you’ll do great, but you always want to be prepared!

Answer #3

great school by the way, I might go there for guitar in San Fransisco anyway… do your best, and if you don’t like it, you can always go to your guidance counselor and change your classes. and if its overwhelming you that much, you can get your counselor to talk to your parents if you really cant handle it. I was in the same situation my sophomore year and I finally got a break after I talked to my teachers and parents, don’t worry you’ll find a way to figure things out, just don’t give up :)

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