Im ginger, how do I go blonde?

I’ve tried to dye my hair blonde before but it goes bright orange.. Im naturally ginger and I love my natural colour.. And I dont want the blonde too permanant. If I peroxided my hair how long wold it take for my naturall colour to come back? Is there any alternatives?

Answer #1

well you can either go to the hairdressers or you could try it at home by purchasing your own die; be careful if you do it yourself though, those things can very badly go wrong so I would suggest a hairdresser would be a better option, it may be costly but it’s worth it at the end.

Answer #2

you can’t just buy blonde dye and expect it to come out that way.. you’ll have to use peroxide to strip your current color. there is no such thing as semi-permanent bleach.. if you decide to go blonde theres no going back any time soon. to get blonde you’d probably have to bleach your red hair 3 times over the course of three weeks. it kills your hair. that being said, it’s better to go to a professional. but you can’t semi-permanently dye your hair blonde if your hair is darker. so make a decision on which color you want to stick with.

Answer #3

y wud you wana dye your hair? your hair is a gorgeous colour!!!

Answer #4

di your hair blond but make sure you ask your parents

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