im confused.

so, ibroke with my boyfriend like two weeks ago after six months because ifound out he was cheating on me and stuff. btw, we were in a long distance relationship. anyways, at first he told me to forget about him and how he wasnt gunna bother me and he was basically gunna disappear, but they same day he said that he called me, and he was callin me every single day, more that once a day too. he would also ask me why iwould never call him. a couple days after we started talkin on the phone everyday he would say ilove you when we would hang up and then iasked him what he considered me to him and he said iwas his secret lover and ijust said ok. and then a few days after he was saying iwas his girlfriend. imean iwould love to be his girlfriend again but icant knowing hes still with that other girl, but I don’t know im so confused. any advice ?

Answer #1

Id stay away long distance relationships are hard work for even the best of couples. He has already broken your heart once dont give it back to him so he can do it again. But if your really miserable and you could really get past it and you reaaally believe he wont do it again then give it another shot.

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