How can i lose this baby without my parents knowing?

Well, im a 14 year old girl, and im preg.. I dont know what to do. I know I have to lose it..-_-.. it hurts me to lose it,because ima mommy.. my boyfriend is ok with it.. but after thinking about it.. I dont really want tolose it.. but I need to.. I cant have this kid.. my mind is really messed up.. I need help please..

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me and this girl had an abortion it didnt affect me that much I mean I wondered what itd be like but im still way to young now but if you can live with it go ahead dont let anyone guilt you into keeping something you cant handle

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excuse me peeps, but WHO CARES that she is 14!!!
If she was ready to do it then it's her choice, and her decision. It's not like she asked for the pregnancy to happen!!
One of my friends is a teen mom and she is great. She says the baby is the best thing that ever happened to her and anyway, since she is younger, wouldn't it help her have a closer realationship with the baby?
DEFINITELY keep the baby.You'll love it :)

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keep the baby. abortion's are terrible. think about what one life can do to change the world.

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thanks for all your guy's help ^^... it really helped with my choice

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Hey good luck! you decided to have a baby? grt! good choice...

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I am SO happy you decided to have the baby! :D

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*sighs* Trust me life is gonna be harder lets see in the first year for the child it will cost you about $43,000

Its gonna ruin your life for hanging out with friends and going to party's and all that.

Me and my Boyfriend don't plan on having kids for at least 5 years.

But it is your choice just remember next time use birth control.

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Im so glad you kept your baby because I know it is hard specially at your age. Right now it maybe scary but once your baby is out you'll love it.

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Do a Juno, buddy. I'm fourteen, and though it would kill me to get pregnant, I would know in my heart that aborting a life would haunt me for the rest of my life. Just think, by having this baby, you could be giving a family the gift of life!

Good luck, girl.

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you will live with it for the rest of your life if you get rid of it. if you really wanna have it then have it but hand it over to child care services. but its your decision

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im happy that you decide to have the baby

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I think she should keep it. Because if she gets an abortion shes gonna have to live with it for the rest of her life...the regret, and the horror of knowing that she basically killed her child. ABORTION is wrong. If your gonna play with the fire then get ready to get burnt. And she has done so...
I belive if your gonna have sex then if you do get pregnant the baby dont disereve to die cause it is not its fault that it came into this world.
basically what I am trying to say is that if you think you can have sex and are ready for sex then you gotta have the responsibility of knowing you have a chance of getting prgnant and is gonna have to have the child. If that makes ssense. Im confusin myself with my words.
But yes she should keep it, because she could even give it up for adoption and give it to a family who is ready for a child and is ready to conquer the responsibilites of takin care and raising it.

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OMFG.. Shes 14 okay..Im sorry.. but at 14.. your boyfriend wont be able to provide for the baby..Dont make a decision based on what you boyfriend wants.. make it for yourself.. because you are the only person you can truely depend on..if you had the baby and gave it up for should just keep it..because your parents will never look at you the same way if you go threw with it.. they will love you.. yes.. but they wouldnt trust you anymore..but if you want to miscarriage.. I say go out get WASTED..LIMIT YOUR HEALTHY EATING..THEN GO GET MORE WASTED.. its your best shot I guess..its completly your choice..or you can get a abortion..just make the decition fast.. because you cant wait forever..

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Okay, your 14, your parents need to prosecute the father of the baby. Of course, he thinks it's okay. He got you pregnant and he doesn't have to take care of it, you do. That's the way it is with guys now. I have even heard of younger girls getting pregnant. I don't understand why this happens but it does, your all way to young. You need to get some counseling from a therapist or minister or a professional who offers this kind of help. As far as the baby in your belly, give it up for adoption. You will regret it otherwise. Kiddo, (the mother to be) start going to church and youth group, so you can get some adult supports and be with your own peer group. You need some help, if you want to seek counseling from me, I am a counselor and I can talk to you, and I won't charge Email me if you want, I can help.

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That is good that you know you cannot raise a baby at your age. I hope you will be more careful in the future though. Many methods of birth control are easy to use, free or low cost, and very effective.

You can talk to Planned Parenthood about your options. They can give you information, an abortion, a checkup, birth control, whatever you want.

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Hey. Well im telling yooh that if you really want the baby then yooh should keep it but then you should give it to someone that would take care of it. but then if yooh dont want it then get rid of it.
Well I hope I helped yooh!

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Alright do not listen to anybody. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO COMMENTED. DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR BOYFRIEND. Listen to your gut feeling. DO NOT JUST LOOSE THE BABY. You will never forgive yourself. Babies are innocent little angel like things. THey are just so cute and helpless. DO not just loose it. Tell your parents, and if they are good parents- they will help! Raise the baby, or give it to a good family to adopt. Having a baby is a beautiful thing. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. I KNOW THAT YOU WANT TO LET THE BABY LIVE. KEEP IT.

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Baby Wanted

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u can drink ah hole lot off aloes 2 lose the child and your parents not knowing about it just 14 and never had sex before but I talk 2 my mom everyday about these actions...and 2 tell you the truth IF I GET PREG. SHE GONNA KILL ME AND THE BABY INSIDE OF ME SO make ah choice and don't get preg again after losing the baby remember drink the ALOESSS to lose the baby QUICK I HOPE I HELP you TEEN AGER'S OUT THERE LIKE ME TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OFF HAVING SEX XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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omfg are you people mad SHE IS 14 YEARS OLD SHE IS A CHILD I think you should get rid of it,it depends of how far gone you r.I think you should tell your parents they would be mad but they will understand your situation and be glad you want to get rid of.u are 14 you have a long life ahead of you to start a family just enjoy being a kid while you can it doesnt last forever.the doctors will understand how young you r and will support your decision but you need to go with your mum. if you r still in school how will you feel at your yr 12 formal havin a 4 year old baby every1 is going to schoolies and you will be stuck at home with a child im 17 and havnt had sex before im lovin life and just think about all the things you will miss out on.hope you make the rite desicion xoxox

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God has blessed us with free will. Of course it is your body and your choice. I can't tell you that it would make you a bad person if you choose to have an abortion. All sins are equal so when you laid down commited fornication it would be the same as commiting murder. God would forgive you and love you after both. However I believe that you can't end a life because it would be inconvienient for you. Just know that if you're scared or hurting talk to God he understands and he loves you. The truth is when you make a decision like this either way you go its going to be the hardest thing you've ever done. Just remember that a life is a life is a life. The beautiful person that may have YOUR eyes nose hair or smile. Do the right thing.

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Hey Girl,
Tell your parents... Give your baby the best gift possiable, a family with a mom and a dad that can raise them and support them. I can't have kids... My husband and I have adopted 1 little boy already and would love to adopt again. He is such a blessing to us... Let your baby be a blessing to someone if you can't keep him yourself.
My prayers are with you!

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Thank you everyone for your help... you all really helped me. I desided to have the baby^^

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I'm sorry but no 14 year old is ready to have a child. A child needs to be provided for and loved and taken well care of...maybe 1 percent of children born to children have good life chances and turn out to be a well functioning part of society.

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hey girl, glad you made the decision,

if ya eva want to talk im here

let us no how ya get on


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Right first if you dont really want to lose the kid think carefully! the worst thing is to have an abortion and regret it but I sugest you go to the place where they do it (maybe go with a best friend or boyfriend) and get them to talk to you about it, if your still sure you want a abortion then ask them to keep it confidential and take the pills itll be over before you know it. x

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if you really want the kid keep it and tell your parents, they will probably be in shock and might not get angry. some parents love having a grandchild and you will get loads of support. if you really really dont want it and you are really scared of your parents finding out make anappointment and get rid of it. but you will regret it later on in life. some families can never have a kid and if you wanna give it up there are loads of couples who would take it. think.. if you tell your parents and they are okay with it then think...your child lying in your arms...watchin it grow up...think of it as a experience..maybe this culd be your only chance! wot would you say 2 the child inside you if this happened 2 them...would you be angry at them or would you suport them. its your choice dont make the wrong one 4 u!!

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The first thing for you to understand is that it is YOUR choice no matter what anyone tells you.

You have 3 options. Keep the baby and raise it yourself, Keep the baby and let it be adopted, or Abortion.

The consequences of your actions are difficult to deal with, but if anything- tell your parents. They can help you make a responsible decision. Realize that you made the choice to have s*x, and that this baby is your responsibility. Whether your parents will be angry or not, they can still help you the best.

My personal opinion is keep the baby and give it to a loving home. There are so many good families praying that someone will give up a baby for them to adopt. Consider it. Abortion could be something you would regret the rest of your life.

Best of luck.

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If you are having second thoughts, then you deffinately shouldn't get an abortion. If you are having second thoughts now, just imagine the regrets you would have later in life. I know it isn't that easy in life but it will be a lot better to just tell your parents. Parents have a way of finding out these things anyway, and if you do tell them they will be the only people who will be able to help you, even if they are upset at first.

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Keep it. Keep it. Deal with what had happened between you n your boyfriend. Remember thats you n ur loved ones baby. It maybe rough at first but make a sacrafice because if you lose it you'll have to live with the guilt in your conscience.

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please please don't abort the child. your parents will be mad but they can't stay mad at you forever. I mean they're your parents. and your boyfriend is okay with it so you dont have any other problems. I'm 13, and if I get pregnant I would be really scared to tell my dad, but abortion will never be the answer. if you abort that child, you could die because of eternal bleeding. and it's safer to keep the baby than abort it. and plus, you would kill someone if you abort the baby. it's against the law. I think. just pray to God and ask him for guidance and you'll get what you need in time.

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if you want an abortion you have to be someone 18 and up it dosent have to be parents or it could be a friend they have to have an id stating that they are 18 and its done

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Personally I think you need to have the baby and put it up for adoption
Like if your old enough to have sex your old enough to be ready to be a parent... again I guess in your case
Like you know the consequences of sex and its not fair for the baby
Im just saying I dont think you should get an abortion

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Well, my opinion is to at least keep the baby a live. I know it is really hard for you right now, but please try and bear with this. It is basically up to you. You have a choice. My recommendation is to bring this child of yours to a childcare service. Try find someone really close to you; that is willing to help you out on this situation. My last option you can do is telling the truth. It may be hard and I know you don't even want to tell, but I am just saying that if you are out of options, this may be your last resort to letting your baby live.

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ok well first of all
when having a baby its the most beautiful thing on earth you experience things you have never felt
you should seriously not loose the baby it will be haunting you the rest of your it has ben to my cousin..she regrets it so much..
its been 3 years and she still regrets it.
just one more thing
remember God love you and your baby he wouldn't want it to be killed.
think about that
we are all here for a reason no one is a mistake ok.
hope I helped you..
take care.

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go to &read the 'I miss you' blog.. But its got info on there, don't be afraid to call the numbers.

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The best thing you can do is talk with your parents. Let them know what is going on. If you want to have the baby, then have the baby. But consider giving it up for adoption. That way it can go to a family that can take care of it. It would be the best thing you can do for the baby.

Attempting to get rid of the baby yourself would just end up causing you a lot more problems later on, physically, mentally and emotionally.

You may want to consider getting counseling as well. No matter what you decide, it will be a trying time in your life.

If you truly want to have an abortion, then you can go to places like Planned Parenthood where they can talk you through everything that will happen. They can also perform the procedure there at the clinic. Maybe not the day you first go in, but they can schedule it for you.

If you don't have a Planned Parenthood near you, you can ask your doctor where a reputable abortion clinic is located.

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