Who or what is the illuminati?

I’m trying to get a better understanding of this?

Answer #1

“People of the light”…in simple terms, they are a group of radicals who insist on certain conspiracy theories.

Answer #2

Im not completely sure but from what i understand it is a conspiracy group who had something to do with the death of tu pac and someone else…idk lol we had a big debate about it in class but it was over rapping so…

Answer #3

I dont understand it either, all I here is Illuminati this Illuminati that. Ive trie researching it but its all political jargon I dont understand lol.

Answer #4

“Illuminatti” is a movement, born in germany in 1776,. . . hmmmm, interesting year. A society of “freethinkers”, made up of Bankers, and big businessmen, who meet in secret and basically rule the world. Some believe that today they are a smaller cell in a larger pyramid of world Heiarchy known as “New World Order” which also includes; The bilderberg group, Upper echelons of the Freemasons, The Trilateral Commision, Counsel on Foreign Relations, members of “Bohemian Grove. Ya, check all that out! Does it not seem that some of this stuff must be true? Follow the Money, Because whoever controls the money, controls the world. Some Names that will keep popping up in your search are: The Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger,D ick Cheney, George Bush SR, List goes on and on. Just google David Rockerfeller. He has openly declared that his goal is a One World Government. This is not all conspiracy theory crap. Hell back in the early part of the 20th century there was no one that would ever fathom that there was a crime syndicate called “La Cosa Nostra” which ruled the crime world all over the United States. Same thing. The only reason why we let it all happen is because they give us just enough to not complain.

Answer #5

On an interesting if insignificant note… At my profile there are two pictures from the game… Illuminati: New World Order… published by Steve Jackson Games. They share a common heading… “Portending Disaster.” One depicts twin towers being struck by an explosive very much consistent with the images following the attacks of 1 & 2 World Trade Centers. The other depicts a bloom of fire emanating from the Pentagon. Remarkable because the game and cards were released in 1995… six years before the events of September 11, 2001.

Coincidence?… could be. But wait… there’s more. On March 1, 1990… while Illuminati: NWO was in its beta testing phase… the offices of Steve Jackson Games were raided by the Secret Service. Ostensibly SJG was raided on the pretenses that a game from the company… GURPS: Cyberpunk… was a primer for digital theft. Later the Secret Service claimed that SJG was raided due to its working relationship with Loyd Blankenship… someone alleged to have been involved with underground hacking circles… an unfounded allegation. While the reasons behind the raid are sketchy at best… the actions of the raid aren’t. During the raid the Secret Service confiscated a computer with all of the Illuminati beta data files. Although SJG had requested access to the files… they were held for an extended amount of time… despite the fact that the files were not purported to have been the intention of the investigation.

There isn’t much to be drawn from this information. We know that some consequences stemming from 9/11 must have been drawn up prior to the fact… the lengthy Patriot Act… the logistics and troops for an invasion of Afghanistan… we know that the Project for a New American Century had advocated an American presence in central Asia and determined that a catalyst on the order of the Pearl Harbor bombings was necessary to facilitate that end on their timescale. Perhaps someone privy to insider information leaked plans during the testing stages of the game? Could plans for 9/11 date back that far? Who knows? I find it interesting… but do not base any of my opinions for alternate theories concerning 9/11 on it. No one to my knowledge does. However… at my profile page there is a picture of a young and alive Osama Bin Laden with Zbigniew Brzezinski… the Foreign Policy Advisor for President Obama. Zbig was the mind behind the mujahedeen… and a mentor to Tim Osman… Bin Laden’s covert name as a CIA asset. I do formulate my dissident opinion on the basis of this relationship… and it’s nice to have a pic to back the relationship up.

Answer #6

I will definitely look in to the SJG thing, sounds weird. I am not in with the truthers 100% for a couple reasons; 1.) I think most of them are just Democratic Bush Haters and 2.) I feel they are barking up the wrong tree. Instead of looking for missiles on planes and Demo evidence, they should be looking at the why’s. I dont doubt for a minute that the powers that be took full advantage of 9/11 to further NWO agenda, hell, the real powers that be probably created an invironment in which this 9/11 would happen.

Also touching on the comment about having the contigency plans for reaction to 9/11. In our government's defense, we have contigency plans for just about every plausible cenaio in the whole world, natural and man made. Which is probably further evidense over a lack of response argument. Any ways. . . .I dont trust truthers. They sound to nutty, and they have rosey odonnel as a spokesperson, which tells me that truthers are part of a misinformation campaign or something.

to keep us from asking the important question. Why?

Answer #7

What contingency plan? I didn’t mention any. The PNAC document… from a think tank… not military brass… “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” is a mission codex that elaborates on how best to further the agenda of this particular group of neocons… who so happened to be named to GW Bush’s cabinet. It isn’t a contingency plan. William Kristol’s father Irving was a fervent advocate of the Mensheviks… and their leader Leon Trotsky. Once Stalin offed Trotsky… there was little hope in a Rothschild banking dynasty in the USSR… and since the Fed Reserve had been established… the neocons became capitalists… or corporatists… or opportunists as they really don’t care how they make their fortunes… but tend to do so through heavy governmental regulations in their favor. These are the guys you are defending. You know about the Bilderbergers and the Rothschilds… are you aware of GW Bush’s connections to Averell Harriman… the shipping magnate and banker who was closely associated to JP Morgan… the American front for the London Rothschild House. Both George Walker… his great grandfather… and Prescott Bush… his paternal grandfather… worked for Averell. Averell Harriman was fundamental in the establishment of the Bilderberg Group. Ronald Reagan reluctantly selected GHW Bush to be his running mate in 1980 because of GHW’s ties to the Council on Foreign Relations. Shortly after taking office… John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate President Reagan… Hinckley’s brother… Scott Hinckley was scheduled to have lunch with Neil Bush… GHW’s son… the day of the attempted assassination. The two families were long time friends… neighbors… and business associates. I bet Rush Limbaugh never mentions this. The Bushes also have a long time association with the Clintons as the former president laundered Contra drug money through property acquisitions in Mena Arkansas… making a hearty profit for himself. Your take on 9/11 is based on wishful thinking… dissident views are not the result of conjecture… they are based in fact. I will be happy to debate the merits of my dissident view and take your categorization of “nutty” to task. An interesting addendum concerning Rosie O’Donnell: She had arranged for the creators of “Loose Change” to appear on “The View” The show had gained in popularity after adding Rosie to the cast. The morning that Loose Change were to appear on the show… the episode was preempted by an address from the President. The episode never aired. Shortly thereafter Rosie was shitcanned for lack of a more accurate word. This hardly supports your allegations of some cointelpro campaign. As to why?… putting it in its simplest explanation… because banks love wars… they always have.

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