Is it illegal to film you and your partner having intercourse if they dont know that they are being filmed?

like if u invite someone over to have sex and u set up a camera but u hide it so they dont know and its filming the hole time, can u get arrested?

Answer #1

Yes, although its a tough case to take to court and there needs to be something in the video itself that proves that the person didnt know they were being filmed. Its not as easy to prove as you would think….

Answer #2

yea i kindof figured it would be had to prove if it was illegal

Answer #3

I would have thought so lol, and its especially illegal if theyre under 18. Its classed as child p0rn even though theyre old enough to have sex :s

Answer #4

You can try and call for help, but the truth is is that it can be a very tough case, but you can do that for invading privacy. If they post it, it in some site then that means problem for real and you can get them in trouble.

Answer #5

if they find it, then yeah your screwed :P

Answer #6

yes it is illegal.

Answer #7

just so everybody knows i didnt do this it was just a question that ive been wanting the answer too

Answer #8

well it kinda is kinda isnt but most of the time it is because its in invasion of privacy

Answer #9

The one who knows, probably should tell the other, before they see it on an obscure site, aagh!

Answer #10

Yes its illegal…. you could be sent to j.a.i.l if he/she or anyone else finds out so DONT DO IT!!!

Answer #11

Lol not if the guy/girl is over age and the girl/guy is underage…the one who is older would be screwed lmao

Answer #12

Yes, expect for in Italy.

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