Ill show you mine if you show me yours

My son is five and recently he and the two neighbor boys ,who are also five, were in their fort showing eachother their penises. My 8 year old daughter saw them and told me about it. I told her they were most likely comparing parts and told her it wasn't a big deal. My daughter, in an attempt to villify her younger brother after not accomplishing this with me, told her grandmother. My ex-inlaws, or outlaws brought this up to me and told me its not normal at all and I should be very concerned. The grandfather told me the kids will turn out to be like Jeffrey Dahmer. I told them I thought it was normal behavior and I did not think it would lead to them eating people as adults. So I guess my question is..Is this normal behavior for young boys to show eachother their penises and should I be concerned?

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yea thats completly normal for boys to do

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yup did it was I was little boy but we did some other weird stuff too

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When they are one, they dont realize it. When they are five, they are trying to figure out whats the deal and why they look differnet from their friends. When theyre 13, they are comparing boner size. Its just guys, theyre weird.

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its normal boys and men are weird

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This is entirely normal and innocent. The worst thing you could do is make a big deal of it.

Tell your son about private areas and that generally nobody outside of family or his doctor should see anyplace covered up by underwear. Don't make him feel guilty about this, just tell him that he is growing up and big boys don't go around showing other people their private parts.

My 4 year old is a little nudist. She always runs around nude after baths and whenever she feels like it. I had the talk about private parts with her and she knows not to go nude in public but she still considers home fair game. We do have to keep an eye on her when we have company though.

The grandfather who thinks your son will turn into a serial killer because he saw a penis sounds like a crazy old coot.

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yeah, this is normal

young boys, or any boys at any age are often curious to know whats going on in their friends pants. when they get older its more about competition about who has the biggest. then you get the odd few that sit in maths and shove rulers down their boxer shorts. it was quite unpleasant lol
but it is very normal

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it is so normal.. first of all every man is proud of themselves lol. I remember when my brother and cousin were younger and they took a bath together and when they got out of the bath my cousin came into the living room where everyone else was and said mama dustys is bigger than mine. at that time I was young too lol and my mom tried to hurry and cover my ears. so yea I think it is perfectly normal

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Unless your going to chop there penises off for comparing..don't worry.

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Its very normal..

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If they are at similar age it is normal.

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ugh, that is typical behavior for any little kid up untill the 4th grade, it is actually normal, their curious and they wanna know what defferent penises look like, but their little kids, check out that movie where Adam Sandler adopts this 5 year old little boy and you'll even see that it happens even in the movies, it's natural for them

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Its normal, now if your 8 your old daughter showed her cooch to the 5 yr old boys, then id be worried...

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This is completely normal. Kids at the age do get curious, i know i did. It's just somthing going around in your mind, whats this hanging here, do others have it? I would not be worried unless he was with some one older than him. And when he gets to his early teen years, he is going to start mastrabtion, and he might do it with his friends, so its completely normal, and there shuld be nothing to worrie about.

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it is natural curiosity, they will not "go gay" because of it. If that were the case, most of the world would be gay...

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Kids are usually quite curious at that age; I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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