If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Any super power, already invented or one of your own.

Answer #1

I’d have to agree with jazlovestoskate, I’d love the power to heal the past and to heal the future before it comes.

Answer #2

I already have a superpower known as toad vision. It gives me the ability to spot toads in the grass at night while driving.

Answer #3

I’d like to be able to see what the numbers are going to be on Lotto or Superball so I can win lots of money and help out the homeless.

Answer #4

id love 2 b able 2 go invisible

Answer #5

time travel, that be the sh*t

Answer #6

Be invisable and be able to fly and travel to past OR future to make life better and to read peoples minds and know what will happen to them before it happens! That’d be cool!

Answer #7

I’d want to be invisible, I suppose.

Or breathe underwater.

Answer #8

the power to heal. thats all I want

Answer #9

To see the future and change it if it is bad

Answer #10

I think it would be to fly

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