If you came into your room and saw me bent in half in a snakes coil

And I was swallowed halfway, so my head was sticking out, and I was forced to stare at my own socks, what would you do?

Answer #1

Well first of all, of course I’d save you. I stab the snake and pull you out. Second of all, this is an advice website… What does that have to do with anything?

Answer #2

hmm…to make what I really want to say more positive, I am going to tell you that you are extremely “CREATIVE”…no offense

Answer #3

I dont know what kind of person are you? if you are a bi**h then I wont save you and if you are not I will save you

Answer #4

I’m pretty sure once your that far in theres not much I can do for you.

Answer #5

I’d run out of the room screaming.

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