if you black back then;; wud you have gave up your seat to a white?

well I think about itt;; and I honestly probably would havee !

how about u ?

Answer #1

lovely lady - You state you are white and would not give your seat to a white person. You state that you would give your seat to an african american.

You do realize that you are giving different treatment to one person based on their race, right?

Your answer proves that you are racist. Your attitude that a white person must “take care of” a black person is extremely demeaning towards african americans. Why do you feel that only a white can take care of a black person? Why do you feel that as a white person it is your duty to take care of a black person?

It harkens back to the days of the white “master” taking “care” of his property. It is insulting to african americans. They do not need your pity or your guilt. They deserve to be treated the same as you would treat any other person.

As for this question. If a person appears to physically need a seat, then I would give it up. But first I would ask if the person would like to sit.

Answer #2

Lovely Lady, I think it is wrong of you to say that Whites’ are more racist then others, And that whites put themselves above others, I Just call those people aholes regardless of there color. I have seen idiots of all colors think they are better then others, like I said they are just plain out aholes.

Answer #3

I agree with Harley - colour doesn’t matter, it doesn’t make someone more or less important; pregnant, handicap, elderly, child, etc. are a different matter though.

Answer #4

Well I would be thirteen (considering that we stay our age) so yes I probably would.

Kinda funny to say “if you were black” because there are black people on this site.

Answer #5

ok to be honest without the color I would give up my seat for a old person, pregnant lady, or a young child, or handicap, but other then that no I would not just give up a seat.

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