Which do you prefer white, black, red, or yellow roses

Im bored so know im curious which do you prefer white, black, red, or yellow roses..

Answer #1

wow I’ve never seen a yellow rose before! id say red or pink :) x

Answer #2

Black roses do so exist… you can get them specially dyed that way or you can buy fake ones. How do you think they get all those weird colors like bright blue? They’re dyed.

Anyway, I’d MUCH rather have black… or maybe a mix or black and red… that’d be cool.

Answer #3

Black… haha yeah sucks that its not real though… spraypaint! =]

But I like white…

Red is just sooo common and typical…

Answer #4

even though black roses dont exist I like them but out of all the colours hat roes naturally come in I like red and ones tnat are both red and white and speckled

Answer #5

Red rose ;)

Answer #6

heeyaa im bored to haha

and I like black and red and white the best the yellow ones dont look as nice xxx

bye,bye xx :-)

Answer #7

I prefer black red and white. yellow I dont really care for

Answer #8

I definately prefer white and red roses, then yellow then black. I love bright colours!!!

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