If I stop eating meat, will I lose weight?

If I stop eatting meat will I loose weight?

Answer #1

I totally understand where you are coming from because I used to think exactly like you do until I began searching for a better, healthier diet, which lead me to be a vegetarianism.

Here is a site that will help you understand why I switched: http://notmilk.com/deb/062198.html (breast cancer)

Ever since we were born our parents, teachers, doctors, TV, books . . . has been telling us how important diary and meat are for the body. Did you ever stop to think why? How come this diet is pushed at us from every avenue? Could it possibly be that these industries are filthy rich because so many of us are “hooked” on this diet?

The dairy and meat industries are making trillions of dollars each year off the naive public. The more they push (advertise) their hypnotic products at us, the more we indulge, making them richer. It is no wonder that they keep us believing that what we are eating and drinking is “good for the body” This is a flat out lie.

Years ago it was proven that advertising was using subliminal messages in television to get the public to buy certain things or to teach a certain train of thought. It is still being used today by industries such as the dairy and meat companies.

Diet is extremely important, from clear thought, to physically being able to walk across a room. Don’t you think it is important enough to do some research? I do.

Answer #2

lmao no use your comonsense vegatarianism is a life choice, no another fad weight loss diet not eating mean means your not getting enough nutrients and you wont groe properly, unless you take suppliments to make up for it by not eating any meat in an attemp to loose weight, your going to become weaker, not skinnier

Answer #3

Whoops. So sorry, I thought you said “If I stop eating, will I lose weight?” My apologize - ignore my first answer. It was a misunderstanding.

Answer #4

no you will not lose weith my bestie ashlee was a vegitarion but went back to eating meat because in the short time that the wasnt eating meat she gained 15 pounds I dont agree with people going vegitarion

Answer #5

Generally a vegetarian diet is less fattening, so you probably will… But you need to make sure you have a balanced diet, meat provides all sorts of necessary proteins and necessary nutrients…

Answer #6

Not necessarily. There are lots of fattening vegetarian foods.

If you don’t replace meat with other fattening foods than it can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Answer #7

The reason why she gained weight is because when people decide to become vegetarians they just jump into it without doing any research on it. So, they eat the wrong things like too much cheese, fried foods, fast foods, potatoes with lots of butter…things like that. So, of course anybody would gain weight.

You have to know how, what, how much, what varieties … to eat before you switch your diet.

It is scientifically proven that a vegetarian diet is more healthy than meat eating and you will lose weight faster and keep it off longer. And stay away from sugar.

Answer #8

A lot of people think like jazlovestoskate does, but it is a false theory.

The Bible tells us what diet God wants us to eat, after all He is our Creator and He should know what our human bodies need and what is best for our bodies and minds. But let us put this aside and look at the test proven knowledge, the pure truth about the diary/meat vs the vegetarian diet. Please go to the link below. It has much information from scientists, nutritionists . . .


Answer #9

I am a vegan vegetarian, which means I do not eat any animal products; no milk, eggs, butter, ice cream . . . It is the very best diet in the world. I used to be 180 lbs! Now I wear a size 5/6 and am 110 and have been this weight since I began watching my diet.

Meat isn’t at all good for the body and neither is animal products..dairy.

Go to this site: notmilk.com You’ll see.

Answer #10

thats not true that you’ll gain weight. if you eat a balanced vegetarian diet, you will lose wiehgt. plus excercise.

Answer #11

Definitly not, in the long run you’ll end up gaining weight.

Answer #12


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