Are christians the only ones that go to heaven?

im catholic and my stepfather told me once that only chirstians are going to heaven and everyone else will go to hell. im wondering if thats true…

Answer #1

Hypothetical situation where Heavan is real: I highly doubt when you die and get to the big golden gates they’ll be like “nup, sorry. No Catholics allowed”.

Answer #2

thank you. I just needed people honest opinion on this. thank you again

Answer #3

You’re welcome.

Answer #4

I am anatheist. We don’t have sould. We don’t go anywhere when we die. We just dissolve into nothingness.

And it’s good that way, because it makes us see the value life on earth. It’s the only one we’ve got. So we better make it good. For everyone.

Answer #5

Catholicism is a part of the Christian Denomonation :D

Answer #6

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Answer #7

thank you

Answer #8

You must be saved (accepted Salvation offered Freely in John 3:16…Gods Gift to mankind, Jesus)….The Bible makes it clear, on Judgement Day, only those whose name is found in ‘The Lambs Book of Life’ enter Heaven

Answer #9


Answer #10

Different religions have different rules and beliefs. If your stepfather’s religion says you won’t be saved but your religion says you will who will you believe? I’d also have to ask if a God sends someone to Hell just for having the bad luck of growing up with the wrong religion is worthy of being worshiped in the first place.

Answer #11

Ones particular ‘Religion’ doesn’t matter - what matters is if a person accepts/or rejects Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior - It is true only a Christian will go to Heaven…’Christian’ meaning ‘Follower of Christ’….just because you call yourself a ‘Christian’ - once truly saved, the gift of the Holy Spirit enters your Heart to dwell, guide, and intercede on your behalf - again, if you’re Truly Saved, you have the Holy Spirit living within you - that’s why Jesus said ‘Many will call me Lord, Lord….but I will say ‘depart from me, I know you not’….so ‘church, or Christian’ title is not enough….hope this helps…

Answer #12

No one can know for sure until they die.

Answer #13

I hate that people always try to make this so complicated… :/
The bible clearly says “ … Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved….” Acts 16:31 That’s all it takes to go to heaven:)

Answer #14

Thats a beautiful way of looking at it.

Answer #15

I am not trying to degrade the Christians, but the answer is a big emphatic NO ! ! ! I am a Muslim. But, I am NEVER TRYING TO spread hate, violence etc. Jesus was in fact, never a God. He just propagated the same message that all the Prophets have delivered throughout ages. In fact, he will come back, before the world ends, and he will fight the Christians.

Answer #16

N one goes to heaven except Jesus and Enoch. You are to lay in the earth until judgement day. Those who are righteous will INHERIT THE EARTH, those who are fowl will experience the second death(hell) and basically cease to exist. If I believe in sucha thing I would believe it would depend on how good a person is not their faith, butt that’s me. Everyone believes differently, so it’s what you believe.

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