Idea for book, I want to write, but don't have any good ideas?

hey I wont to write a book but I cant find any good ideas for it!!! Can you please help me

Answer #1

You should try writing about something you are interested in. Think of something you are passionate about… Im going to use and example of poetry.

Put a twist on it if you want something more fictional you could turn it into a paranormal event or something (ex. a person may be writing poetry and the events that they write about in their poetry come to life)… If you like to write mysterys there could be the main scenes revolving around it (ex. a murderer who is leaving poetry in the crime scenes that they use to track him down)…

Two example of how an interest can be turned into stories. If you arn’t excited about what you are writing about the chances are it won’t be to the best of your potential. Also try and find some inspiration somewhere. I hope I have helped you.

Answer #2

I understand when poeple say write about something you are passionate about however I do not totally agree with writing only what you know- for some writers, they might not find something in their life that they find interesting enough to write a book about. For example if someone was to write a fantasy book, they are not neccisarily an expert on fantasy realms and mistiocal creatures.

But anyway I do agree with writing something your passionate about. Writing should be fun, so make it fun and don’t write about something you are deadly bored with! Think about a storyline that will keep you just as interested as future readers, and also don’t sit there and wait for a storyline to just pop up, try drawing or creating a picture of a character and building up from there.

Answer #3

Setting of your book

All you need is to choose the setting of the story. You need to do some basic preparation before you actually start writing. You must choose a place for the story and also the time setting. Is the story running in past, present or future? If the story is set to be at a place that is well known then you must know the exact location and the physical description of the place. Such as, how the buildings are planned? or the availability of the different facilities. Choose a topic that interests you a lot and you can write a lot very easily or with some efforts.


Look at the people around you and study them carefully for a few days and you will find some interesting characters that you can build for your book. You will also get the situations for the story. Write down your ideas for the main characters and the others.

Plots and the Story

Every character in your story needs a problem to resolve. So write some plots for each main character that plays the major part in all or most of the scenes. This will allow you to develop sub-plots so that your story keeps moving. But beware to remain in touch with the main story and do not get carried away with the sub- plots. That may distract you from the main story.


Write down a clear cut outline of the story wherein you have all the plots clubbed together. List out every main idea you have for the characters. You must have at least 40-50 ideas for the events and add some more while actually writing your book. Form the ideas into a sequence of occurrences. Write down the beginning, middle and end of the story of your book.

Narrative & Dialog

Be very careful while writing the dialogs. Do not try to write them in first person as it has some limitations. You can’t write anything else than the character knows or is not part of the scene or plot. Try to use your words and language to describe your story so the reader forgets she is reading. Try to choose words and put them together to evoke an image or a mood that resonates in the reader’s mind and heart.

Structure, Theme, and Pacing

Point of view, pacing, and other aspects of the work flow from the setting, characters and premise, as well. Construct the sentences that are easy to understand. Keep the story moving and also keep the readers’ interest in the flow of the plots. You try not to loose the pace of the story.


By this time you are well aware of the complete story and the characters. Try to cover up every particular point of the story.


Revise the whole book for any mistake that might have been done. You may have left out some important point to cover or may have repeated the scene. This also calls for spelling and grammar checks.

Answer #4

So an ordanary man doing ordanary things would be hard to do!!! I would do it about something you know or do research on something!

Answer #5

think about what you always dream would happen. maybe, date someone you really really like. meet your favorite celebrity. I dont know, think about it.

then, think about your characters.

then, POOF! your dream happens to the characters, STORY WRITTEN@!

Answer #6

A person who has the ability to morph into anything that exists, would be a good character. But if that’s not what you’re looking for, it could be about a person who always witnesses or is part of strange or bad incidents. Or the character could see or travel into the future or past. The best thing about book writing is that the story doesn’t have to make sense. Just as long as we can read it.

Answer #7

good idea like an averge man doing normal things??? and than… BAH BAH BAH!

Answer #8

think of something that you really enjoy writing, the rest will come after

Answer #9

write a book about everyday society or even your own life

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