How do I write and make it sound good?

I make up things in my head like what I want my life to be like and I wanna write a book so I put the ideas I have in my head and I think it sound good but when I go to write it, it just sounds bad.

Answer #1

thanx polystyrenehigh thats a good idea I’ll try that.

Answer #2

try to find ways to be more descriptive. read lots of books about writing tips, thesaurus, and those whose writing style you like. And practice :-) authors dont always have great output at their first draft. Good luck :-) I’ve been wanting to write a book too. But I’ve only written poems, so yeah, starting small.

Answer #3

Write out your ideas, then go back and decorate them.

Many authors will re-edit their books several times before sending them out for publication.

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