Who should i go to, if i have a idea of an business?

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Family and friends are the first that come to mind. Most small businesses start off with loans from family and friends. Set up a business plan and be realistic about your future expectations. Also have a back up plan on how to pay them off. Then if that doesn't work, you can try banks as well as business who help small business owners develop their business. But for that you'll have to ask around and use the internet to search for a business in your area.

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Like Irene said, it is generally easier to put together a business plan and pitch the idea to family and friends. However there are some other options. The SBA (Small Business Association) helps small business receive lending by backing the loan up to 50K depending. The SBA is difficult to get loans through right now. The other idea is once you have the business plan you find a group of interested investors who work in business development. Their are a lot of individual people who would invest in a good idea. There are some websites that you can find with investors primarily in development.

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