Ice Skating!

Whats the first time of ice skatin like???

Im going for the 1st time with ma mates.. And one of the guys im going with I really like.. Im gonna embasess myself! LOL

Answer #1

trust youreself. I know it sounds dry- but if you are worried about falling/slipping etc then you will. I was a figure skater and ice dancer for years so yeah.

Answer #2

When you’ve never done it before, its a bit terrifying… I fell over like 10 times… and landed on top of a random guy at one point Just be careful and take it slow If you fall over, laugh it off.. so it doesnt seem that much of a big deal. If you fall over, it gives you a reason for the guy you like to come over and help you up as well… lol. Have fun x

Answer #3

Hold on to the boards, lol

Don’t worry about it, you’re bound to fall on your tush, but that’s all part of the fun.

Just take short strides to start off with until you feel more comfortable with it and have a good time!

Answer #4

Everybody will probably fall, it’s all in the fun of learning - even Olympians started that way !! LOL - just laugh a lot, have fun, and reach out to that special one to help you up (strategic planning)…Have a great time !!

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