How do you glide easily over the ice when skating?

I love ice skating but when I watch people skate on youtube (like Sasha Cohen for example. Type her in) I notice that she seems to glide effortlessly over the ice. Is it down to practice or is it the speed and posture she has? :) Help would be appreciated !x

Answer #1

Speed, posture, ice condition and proper blade sharpness. (Too dull or nicked and you push ice, too sharp and you bite too deeply.)

Answer #2

Hi. I learnt skating too so I know a little.. Usually it’s mostly good balance and posture. Yeah, it takes A LOT of hard work and mainly, you need to get your ankles stronger. That will make is easier.

Answer #3

you need good posture, and sometimes its good to stretch too. but the blade cant be to sharp or too dull… dont push off hard, gust try to feel like your light as a feather… thats what I do, and it works everytime…

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