How can I go back to blonde?

I want to be blonde again. My natural hair colour is brown and I got really bored of being brown so I decided to dye it blonde and I loved it. I was blonde for 2 years but keeping up with dying my roots got annoying and expensive. So I dyed it brown all over and have been this colour for a while now and I want to be a honey dark blonde but achieving this is going to be hard. In the past I would have used a bleach but it dries out my hair and hair dyes are not strong enough and it just turns my hair ginger and toners don’t work. I can’t afford to go to the hairdressers either so is it really worth the trouble going back blonde? I want to be blonde again. Can you please help asap? love katie xxxx

Answer #1

well, if you get a spray bottle, fill it up half with water and half with peroxide. use it everyday after getting out of the shower and you MUST blowdry right after spraying your hair. hope it works =]

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