I want my baby to come out now..

Hi,im 39 wkz and im due..april 24.2009.Im not having no type of pain..went I first got pregnant.It was so good cuase I didnt get Not 1 sickness,no trow up no nothing..I want to giver labor soon..What can I do to make it come out now??? please can somebody help!!!

Answer #1

Go for walks.

Answer #2

Try having sex. Its known to induce labor :) & eat spicy food :D

Answer #3

The baby will come out when it’s time…trying to force it isn’t a good idea.

Every woman goes through this anticipation at the end of the pregnancy…if anything, try to enjoy these last few days of rest and relaxation, because after that baby comes, there will be no more of that.

Answer #4

When I want my son to come “right now” my husband and I went to Wings, Etc. and I got some buffalo wings, and then we went for a walk, and then we went home and had sex. About four hours later, I went into labor!

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