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I want more passionate sexxx...

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Okay, so me and my boyfriend have been having sex for a while now.
We usually just go to his room, I give him head for a minute, then he fingers me for a minute, and hes ready to do it.
When were doin it, he dont even kiss me or anything. ill be layin down, and he'll put his head down on my shoulder.
he just goes super fast and its kindof weird.
I want him to slow it down, and actually kiss me, or kiss my neck.
I've told him this before but I guess he forgets.
And then when we finish, he just gets dressed, and thats it.
we never just lay there or anything...

How can I get him to, um.. want me more, I guess?
Like, linger on our fourplay without having to tell him.
are there certain signals I can send out? hints? anything?
and whats something that would turn him on maybe a little more?