I want bigger breast!!...

Ok im 15 and I have extremlii small boobsz.. I believe im a 32b or a I aint sure... I've heard that having your titsz sucked makesz dem grow... Isz that true??? Plsz help... How do I make dem bigger

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ACTUALLY! a 32b and 34b are different cup sizes. trust me. I was in a 32b but I had to go to a 34. not because im too big around for a 32, im kinda small. but because my breasts were too large for a 32. it may not be much of a difference. but there is a difference. I know from experience. and for the girl who would like bigger breasts, we are in the same boat. I've also heard that having them sucked helps. as well as massages. also. if you flex the muscles behind your breasts, it makes your breasts appear larger. if you dont know how, I can tell you as well. uhm. you put your hands in front of you like you're praying. the press. hard. like you're fighting yourself. do that anytime and all the time. it does help.

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umm I heard eatin chicken makes em bigger.. don't worry in some bras im a B in others C and im 18.. boobs aint everything!!

How can I make my breasts bigger?

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Big boobs aren't all you think they are.
They really kinda suck.

You're 15, they still have time to grow.
So give it some time.
They may still grow.

How do I make my breast grow
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well 1. that really isn't "extremlii small" .. that's about average .
& 2. lmao , there is no way in hell that would make em bigger !!
there are exercises you can do to make them bigger ..
google it or sometihng because im not sure what they are

How to make breasts grow?

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Trust me yu dont want them any bigger im a 34dd and im only 14 I hate them people think your older and boys dont leave them alone they think there toys lol. I would love to be yur size again trust me you think you want them bigger but yu wont x

How do you make your boobs grow bigger?
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Heres a Few Tricks that Might Work.
Gently Massage it.
Put a hot towel on it.
Put Toothpaste on it.
Drink a lot of Vitamin C
... Some might suggest gaining
Weight because weight can also go
to that area too...

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smaller boobs are hott

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lol, a 32 b and 34 b are the same cup size; the only difference is how big around you are, not your actual boob size.

but really, your boobs will grow on their own, just be patient... and big boobs can be a hassle lol. love your body the way it is, it could be worse!

Is it true that if you massage your breast they will grow?

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I was going to say what cassidy said, the number is your back size, not your cup size. 32b and 34b are the exact same boob cup size, just bigger backs.

your only 15, give it time, honestly.
I'm small but apparently boys like smaller boobs. and I know you have a boyfriend but still, I wouldn't rush for big boobs. some of my friends are like dd's and they hatee it, you get back pain and you can't always fit into really cute tops without them popping out.

just wait and they will grow.

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Sometimes you might think that large breasts would be great to have, but I'm just into year 8 and I'm in the 36 A's. People tell me I'm lucky to have them, but I can't help but wish they were smaller. Sometimes, It's hard to tell if someone likes you more being you or if they only like your breasts. This is what I'm trying to say. Each of us are born differently, and we need to accept that :)

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