I want a rat!

OMG! I want a rat so badly! My parents say no to a rat-but for no good reason! It’s not like they don’t want another pet, because they said I could get a gerbil. They say they’re dirty, and have desieses. They’re actually clean, and the ones in pet stores are healthy. I try to tell them that they are really smart, but they don’t listen. I mad.

Answer #1

Rats are very intelligent animals.I like them a whole lot more that hamsters or any other rodents. And they are really clean :-)

Answer #2

I think that rats are the best kind of rodent pet to have. they’re clean and really smart and they dont pee on you =D. eew. … yea I have rats and they’re frikin awesome!!!

Answer #3

Well honestly when you see rats around you don’t think they are cute and want them as a pet lol just get a hamster

Answer #4

I have two rats named sugar and cookie. rats are accually smarter then dogs, and are cleaner then cats. its amazing, there great pets. when they learn there names you can let them around the house and they’ll come back when you call them :DD lol

Answer #5

Rats are just as clean as any rodent. All rodents are pretty clean animals surprisingly. Rats are actually I’d have to say better pets than gerbils and hamsters and they are very intelligent. I think they just don’t want you to have one because they are a lot bigger and a lot of people do think they are ugly and nasty. It just depends if you can find some pictures of rats and show them and be like hey this rat isn’t ugly is it.

I don’t know you got to charm your way I guess haha.

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