How to tell my parents I bought Dumbo Rats?

I bought 2 Dumbo rats as pets. My parents told me 2 years ago they didn’t want anymore pets in the house. I already have a Madagascar hissing roach that I’ve had for 2 years now. How can I tell them about the rats?

Answer #1

Thats a hard question… I love rats at the moment I have nineteen because my female just had a litter of 16.

Try to explaintto them how much of a pesonality they have and pesuede them youll pay for food bedding ect, try to convinve them there wonderfull!

Answer #2

I doubt youll be able to hide 2 rats 4 long lol

just tell me you have them and that youll look after them and that they wont even know their there ;)

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