I want a party but my parents say no

well I at this party on saturday and it was fab and I meet I really hot boy who I really like. at my friend party we were listen to music and drinking and just having a really good time. we the house to our selfs and there about 25 people there so not to bad I asked my mum and dad if I could have a party this weekend or next but they said no I even said they could stay in and just go up stairs and they said yeah but then when I asked about the drink. They said there was no way we were going to be drink and I cant have a party with no drink. I mean most of my friends parents let them drink and even buy it for them but no my parents dont let me even have a little drink

how do I get them to let me have this party with drink we will only be drinking beers and vodka and shot and things like that btw im 15

Answer #1

well I doubt your going to be able to get your parents to say yes to that. but you can have someone sneekl in the alcohol and then mix it in with the drinks and if your parents find out (which they probably will) then act clueless…

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