I want a cheap place to buy plus size clothes

Walmart/kmart and goodies all have grandma looking clothes in my size. I live in a small town so anyone know where I can buy clothes that look like a 22 year old would dress. I dont like ebay but I will shop online.

Answer #1

torrid for sure, and babyphat.com also has clothes that are hot, but yeah I know what you mean im plus size and its hard to find anything that isnt brown and sagging

Answer #2


Try torrid.com


I think thats the site, its a store just for plus size women : D

Answer #3

Torrid is a great store for plus sizes, sometimes, I wish I was a plus size so I could wear those clothes! ;)

Answer #4

Take a look at the trendy plus size fashion of Natasha Mall Philippines. Pls. click link below. http://www.natashamall.com/tops-maxi-tops-c-4_9_78.html They are very fashionable and costs less than $10.00 a piece. Shipping for 9-10 pcs. will cost you around $35.00 with delivery period of 14-21 days. If you total the cost of tops and impute the shipping cost, it would still be a smart buy. It’s being fashionable without paying the high price. Go visit www.natashamall.com.

Answer #5

Thanks so much. I find a lot of stripes/granny styles I want something cute for a change!

Answer #6

Ladies, Make sure to check out www.igigi.com.

Answer #7

Sowhatif.com, they’re supposed to be having a sale.

Answer #8


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