I want a baby

Im 24 years old and my husband is 27 years old. My husband and I have been married for one year, we want to have a baby, what should we do?

Answer #1

By asking the question I would guess that you are having some doubts or are frightened by the unknown experience of bringing about life. You have little to fear. You will make a great mother. Don’t “try” to have a baby. Enjoy each other like newlyweds and when you are ready stop the birth-control or the pull-out and good things will happen. Most of all relax and enjoy this time in your life.

Answer #2

what do you think sex try it itll work

Answer #3

Have a baby. Just when your in bed and your both awake ask your husband. Tell him you want to have a baby! It’s not that hard!!

Answer #4

Have sex before your period, on your period, or after your period because it has a high risk in pregnancy. This site will tell you about it. http://www.pregnancyperiod.com/most_fertile_period.html

Answer #5

if you’re both in secure, well paying job and a functioning household, by all means have one . it’s perfect age.

Answer #6

have sex without a condom or the pill then wait a week and then take a test then go to the clinic and see if its true and if not keep on trying!!! :) good luck!!! :)

Answer #7

have sex… let him ejaculate inside you and wait somedays then take a pregnancy test and see if that works…

Answer #8

what should you do? uumm…

Answer #9

Are you serious? You should have sex without protection.

Answer #10

make love …if it doesnt work …then Doggy style…

Answer #11

Uh have sex But your sooo yunq

Answer #12

Uhhh, call the stork? His number should be on the back of the pickle jar.

Answer #13

have sexual intercourse of course why dont you know this if your 24

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