I want 2lose weight!!

I am 15 years old and my birthday is in less than 3months time and I would like to lose a little bit of weight on my stomach and thighs but I don't what to do!!
I would like to be a bit slimmer 4my 16 birthday that would be helpful.x.
To start wiv I am 5'7 and I think I am just under 12stone that is heavy in my opinion but I think I am a bit big and I have a pot belly but not enormous!! If yu have anything that would be sooo helpful Thanks.x.x.x.x.x. =D

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Aww Thank Yu Its More Simpler Than The Girl Before.x.
Im Defo Gna Try Yur Regime =D Thank Yu Sooo Much =D Yu Really Have Helped Me!!...x

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Its really hard buf if you really wanna lose the weight don't mix your food groups.

I lost 35 pounds in two months.

No soda, sugar, candy, cake anytthing like that.

Eat your meat by itself.
Eat your fruits and vegetables by themselves.

If you eat meat doN'T eat anything else for three hours.

Don't drink within an hour of eating.

And take a two mile WALK everyday.

The weight should melt right off if you do if right.
And if you really wanna lose the weight, you won' slip up.
Let me know how it goes.

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im 15 too and lost 25 pounds in 3 months by doing this:
-going on the elliptical for 30 min. to an hour everyday
-drinking A LOT of water
-taking a regular vitamin everyday
-eating 5 small meals a day (around 100-200 cal. each)
-and after running on the elliptical, I did about 50 sit ups.
-have a lot of motivation, just keep reminding yourself how good you feel after you workout :)

***now I have toned legs and a slim stomach so I think this will help you out a lot! :)
good luck!!

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