I want to Stop Global Warming !!

Im 13 And I want to Stop Global Warming But I Dont Really Know How

Can Someone Give Mee Some Advice

Answer #1

blame your parents.

Answer #2

uhh? are you kidding me? you trying to stop global warming!! ahahahaha something that has been accuring for millions and millions of years. your so pathetic :) goood luck.

Answer #3

Unless you can work miracles, you can’t do anything to stop it. You can practice better habits (Eat free range meat products, recycle, conserve electricity) but unless you can somehow stop a trend that has been occuring for the past 8,000+ years you’re SOL.

Answer #4

it cant be stopped it, but we can surely slow it down, im 14 and im definently doing my part.

Answer #5

Do any of you realize the earth moves in cycles? Do your research, the earth gets hotter and cooler on its own, 700 million years ago the earth was a giant ice ball 65 million years ago carbon level increased 500% and those are just a few instances, the earth has been doing that since it formed 4.5 billion years ago, but do your own research don’t listen to me your school or even the media do your own research, but consider what I’ve said. Feel free to send me a message contradicting what I said.

Answer #6

Global warming can be a good thing. If it wasnt for global warming,we’d still be stuck in an Ice Age. :]

Answer #7

Global warming (or climate change) isn’t going to stop. What humanity must now do is figure out how best to deal with the ramifications of it.

While you can’t stop global warming, you can practice better habits of conservation and stewardship. I suggest you start with better use of water and food. Hand wash and dry your dishes, and hang your clothes on a clothesline when possible. Eat less meat and processed food, eat more roughage.

Answer #8

roadwarrior514 you have a little bit of a point..but you are ignorant to the road the world is currently on…

We are a huge factor of the reason for the world as it is now…The desert in the middle east wasn’t always a desert…Places that are now without snow used to thrive with powder…You should do research to better understand what you do not know

for the person who created this post: just type in planet green and check out as much as you can there…every little bit helps

Answer #9

hey dude, I’m fourteen and I’ve got the same problem. we should talk (:

Answer #10

well first off I think that global warming is reall but to a certain extent but what you really need to do is try to find some other people who feel the same way and jsut start something listen to evalynn educate yourself, then educate others.

Answer #11

If you stop global warming everyone would die. Everyone is going to die anyway so let it be it is a very profitable theory for some people even though it’s a waste of time.

Answer #12

kay, global warming would never be a good thing, and that isn’t true. joinn the club !

go to David Suzukis website !

Answer #13

if I gave you advice then it just wouldnt be you stopping it. Or would it?

Answer #14

Aw man! I clicked on this question and I was planing to say: ahaha good luck with that liberalll dang it ally xo!

Answer #15

Stop leaving the fridge door open.

Answer #16

One person can’t stop it. Educate yourself, then educate others.

Answer #17

u cant really stop it if its just part of earths natral scycle but if it is humans causeing it then use as little electronic devises as pasible, recycle, tell friends to do the same, dont eat at fastfood restronts, or walk or ride a bike were you would usaly havesomeone drive you too

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