I wanna loose weight as fast as possible!

I want to loose weight like really fast.
I want to loose about 15 to 20 kilos!
hellppp mee :)

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Try smaller portions at meal time. Supplement your hunger with water or even a light vegetable snack. Then excercise for about 30-60 minutes about and hour after you ate. The pounds will shred off quickly. But you ave to stay devoted to the regime you are about to put yourself under.

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just dont eat fried stuff, cookies, creamy things. eat fresh fruits, salads, water,juices, low fat milk. exercise twice a day for atleast 20 mins. never overeat.

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instead of eatin 3 meals a day with large proportions try 5 times a day with few proportions. Dont eat between meals, and drink a lot of water... start workin out.. cardio basically if you want to lose weight..

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chop your leg off (just kidding)

There is no qiuck safe way to lose weight go to a gym or download a trainigg a diet scheduel but to lose that amount of weight safely it could take more than 6 months

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