Lil waynes secret message in the song i feel like dying

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I heard from somebody that he says who killed tupac or biggie buts thats only if you listen to it backwards

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not even its the corus. it says where under the ground beneath you!

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All you lil "wanna weez" listen up... this is about "someone"(wayne) that sees that when you come off the cloud XTC or THC you only feel like only ONE thing... you wanna D-I-E..

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there is no message ! all he is doing is talkin about being high ! .. the feeling he gets .. etc.

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Music can have some Dodgy things in it, And thats what the Devil does, he Gives the artist the lyrics and sumhow if you play it backwards its like some sort of tounge, so be carefull what you listen to because certain songs can open spiritual door ways for Demons too spoil your life


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that is so stupid...come on, seriously? that's like saying "if you listen to ozzie songs back wards they come out to be chants of invoking satan!" come on

A mili -lil wayne

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No, lil' waynes song I feel like dying does say some weird things, I heard he did it when he was high. But, he meant to do it. But if you listen to it it seems like he's talking about raping some girl. It's a weird song. Very weird.

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it says "we are the ground beneath you"

In what song played backwards is lil Wayne talking to the devil?

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