I wanna die

im tired of this world,im losing my best friend 2 a stupid lie & my family hates me,my crush is being really weird 2 me. help me I seriously want 2 die =[

Answer #1

Dont let yourself become a victim. You can be important only if you allow yourself to be. Your letting the actions and feelings of others dictate your life. Dont think your not good enough. You have absolutely nothing to prove to these people no matter what the circumstances. You are your own person. Dont throw your life away. Its so ridiculously easy to be happy. You’d be surprised. You dont need them. You dont need their approval. You need to be happy with yourself. I know it seems like theres no point to anything right now but if you just stick it out for awhile longer one day you’ll look back and think about how dire you made things seem and how much you’ve grown from it. Life is full of pain but it makes us better people. You have a purpose in this world. You can do something to change someone elses life for the better. Dont throw your opportunity away. You dont have to strive to be perfect. Just have fun in life. Dont take stupid drama too seriously. Dont let it affect you. You are in control but only if you believe it. Hope I helped! If you need to talk you can message me whenever you want. Okay? Dont be shy. I am always willing to help a person in need!

Answer #2

dont do anything like that you have no idea how many people you will effect… your family loves you.

a crush is a crush you can always get a new one, he probably isnt worth it anyway

as for your best friend…try talking things out..if she doesnt want to talk give her a few days…but always remind her your sorry…she will come around

Answer #3

Get over it.

We all go thru problems.

You know I love you Angie but the chances of you actually killing yourself are close to none..

Answer #4

No dont say that because sometimes I feel that way because a lot of people hate me mostly my dad one time I got a knife and almost but I couldnt because I knew that deep inside they would miss me even though my family makes me cry almost every day and if your best friend believes a stupid rumor for what ever then she really isnt your best friend because one of my best friend believes almost everything she hears and because of that Im not her best friend any more or her friend and now she’s telling me that she’s sorry and that she’ll never do it again but I don’t totally believe her back to the subject so give up on your self because your never alone the more you try to care about people who don’t care about you the faster the’ll love you again and now I don’t hate my dad we’re actually really close now so remember don’t give up there are a lot of friends in the world.

Answer #5

Okay please dont kill urself! It may be bad now but without suffering there would be no Compassion!! Things always turn up and I dont seriously beleive your family hates u… They will always love you no matter what happens!!! They will be hurt & grieve if you go!

For the best friend and crush thing I can’t say anything about it right now because I dont know the details behide it… Would you like to tell me about that???

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