I wanna be a vet

Hi, I was just wondering, can anyone refer me to a website or tell me a bit about what I would need to know to be a small animal veterinary surgeon.

I am only 14... but...

My Dad is like a computer genious he knows how to do anything and everything, he writes software for a job and he is very good at his job... I asked him how he was so good and he told me it was because from about my age, he was always trying to learn stuff about how computers worked and that is how he is so good at it.

So I was thinking, if I start learning a bit of the stuff just above GCSE level concerning veterinary medicine so I can get a bit of a head start.

Thanks =D

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check out ehow.com they might have some advice for you

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gd idea! I might want to be a vet too, don't worry too much just yet, as you've got FOUR years to learn what you need, but it may be a gd idea to try and get some work experience or shadow somebody! Write a letter to your local vets, but be warned as its very competitive and there most likely will be a waiting list! Also make sure your strong at your sciences! hope this helped! XD xxx

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