I want to loose weight..

I'm 16, im around 11stone witch is 154 pounds, people say I am skinny, I only get called fat when I get bullied really, I aint got bullied for over a year now, I got a belly on me and I cant wear nice tops without wearing a jacket because I hate my stomach, I've tried cutting out the fatty foods but I just cant do it, its there and im guna eat it, I want to be like a size 10, im a 12 at the moment, I wouldn't mind being a size 8 either, I cant really afford the gym, and you aint really got no where to walk around where I live, I got a runnning machine at mine I could use? would that do any good and how long would I have to go on that and how many times a day? I dont really know what sort of foods I should be eating either? any advice please? im going to spain in july, I want to be able 2 look decent and not be shy or anything, thankyou.

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hey gurly. listen I'm in the same boat you are in trust me. like I tried cutting out on fatty foods and sugar but when that fried chicken is there, I gotta eat it. lol. but for the running machine, like I would probaly get on mine like maybe 2 times a day; one in the morning, and at night, and maybe some situps or crunches in between. you should stay on the running machine for probaly 30 minutes, and if your not tired then go for as long as you want. if you continue to do this everyday, then like in one week you can easily loose like 10 pounds. I don't really have nothing to say about the food thing ( because I would totally be lyin to you) but...yeah and you should be good to go!! :)

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thanks for that info chick :) it'll help a lot lol
yeah I've started buying pasta's I got a chicken one earlier aha
and I've been drinking water and walking about aswell soo ..
but then I scoffed down half a pizza aha, :)
ahh well, see what happens anyway, fanks your help advice x

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