I used to be good but now im a really bad rider? (horses)

used to be a pretty good rider, walk trot canter hand gallop gallop jump basic dressage (flexion counter flexion shoulder in shoulder out half passes etc.) bareback and with a saddle. But recently I had a bad riding accident and crushed my knee (destroyed the nerve, its still numb to this day) and got a concussion. So now that I am riding again…im horrible! I keep losing my stirrups in the canter I cant make the horse collect I rode bareback and I almost fell off, my sitting trot is way to bouncy and my general position sucks. Whats happened to me? do you think im too tense or nervous? or maybe its because my knee still isnt back to normal? Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix my riding are welcome! thanks in advance

Answer #1

Orrr your horse could be out of shape/not conditioned this could make her not round or work from behind. That would make it way harder to sit the trot without bouncing around and be comfortable at the canter.

Answer #2

I’ve been ridin all me life and I’ve had many bad experiences buh neva felt like tha afta an accident I fink your too nervous an your lettin yr confidence drop, I suggest you do some flat work, circles withou stirrups to gain your balance, pole work to gain your positions for jumpin ect, when your readi den start on gridwork and build things up, maybe you shud go bk to dressage basics and build your confidece bk up, messge me if you wna cha x

Answer #3

yeah I ride, and has always been riding I’m 18, your probably just all worked up chill, accidents happen. I’ve never fallen off but people do, you just have to gain up that trust again and if that doesn’t work I would go see a doctor

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