I took a pregnancy test today that I've had for about three months.

I took a pregnancy test today that I’ve had for about three months. It was positive. Since I’m new to this, I was just wondering if the results would stil be accurate and everything after it sitting in the medicine cabinet for three months. My husband and I have been trying for five years so I just wanted to be sure before I got my hopes up. It’s like it’s to good to be true!

Answer #1

Congratulations- they’re usually good for a while after their expiration date. :) But if you want to test again, have at it. :)

Answer #2

it should still be accurate. wheather it is sitting in your medicine cabinet or on the shelf at the store it is gonna be the same results but if you want to be 100% sure go to the doctors

Answer #3

The expiration date was 2011

Answer #4

Check if there is an expire date on the package, and pick up a new test and test again.

Answer #5

Best of luck and I hope you get what you’ve been trying for.

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