I need weight loss tips

ok im 17 and I want to lose like 50 pounds by november. today is may 23rd so thats like 6 months…can anyone help me???

Answer #1

Find a diet book and follow it to a tee is the eisiest I’m gona do it too I started two days ago I got a book called “The Abs Diet” I already lost 4 pounds

Answer #2

find a hobby, I used to be chunky but now I can’t get the chicks to stop chasing me around. So I found skateboarding it helped me cause I do it everyday. You could try something like runiing laps around you’r backyard or something or join a sport that should help. Or if not you could always get weight loss pills.

Answer #3

for starters…less sodium…less candies…and less quantity

Answer #4

I have noticed that by eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, exercising and taking Isagenix I have lost weight and inches. Its really great! Its really healthy too! This is the website that I buy it from www.reallyhealthychoices.isagenix.com I hope this helps and Good Luck!

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