I need video editing software

I don’t like windows movie maker stupid thing.

I want to download some freeware thing so I can take the digital video from my camera and turn it into a movie and cut and move around the clips and do a bunch of stuff with the audio. And it has to work on windows vista and be freeware. I intend to do make videos and put them on youtube. Like juggling videos and random stuff.

Does anyone have any insights or something?

Answer #1

You could download a 30 day free trial of Sony Vegas, it a very popular video editing software and easy to use once you understand how to.



You can try Ulead Video Studio (not as good as vegas but still a handy program to use/easy too) Also a trial.


they both work on Vista. :)

Answer #2

Check these programs: proshow producer, mcfunsoft audio studio.

Answer #3

There are many trials of some peogrmas expwncw.,

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