Can you give me information on being fingered?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months almost...and I am like totaly in love with him...were really close...and I think things between us are getting quiet serious today we even kissed at like he has been down my pants, but hasnt fingered me yet, and I want to know everything there is to know about being fingered can you help me???

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I think you shouldn't try! if you are younger than 20, don't try. if you are older, GO 4 IT! just lay back and enjoy!

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Being fingered is a completely normal thing for a girl to want from her boyfriend or her girlfriend. Make sure you are very wet and it will go just fine for you. The better it feels the more you will squirm. THe more he fingers you, the wetter you will get. So you go girl. Don't ever be afraid to spread your legs for the sake of love.

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yea,, i agree with both of them =) i got fingered yesterday for the first time.. me and my bf have been together almost for .. 5 months... theres nothing wrong with getting fingered. Just relax and enjoy it .

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Well first he has to get you really turned on so you are wet enough when he puts his fingers in becos otherwise it might hurt. If you are wet enough he will just put his fingers in and move them around, in and out, and you can just enjoy, thats pretty much it!

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well, first of all, if you're self concious at ALL about getting fingered, don't do it unless you trust the boy enough to let him do it. if you trust and love him enough to tell him anything, then you should trust and love him enough to let him finger you.

okay, now to the other part. basically, what the boy does is insert one to two fingers inside your vagina. after that he moves those finger(s) in and out. meanwhile, he may be messing with your clitoris (clit in slang terms) and making out with you. i prefer my boyfriend to kiss my neck while he's fingering me, it turns me on, A LOT. and it distracts me from what i used to be self concious of.

also, don't be ashamed to say stop. if you want him to stop, don't wait and hope that he does sometime soon, because him (being a male and all) doesn't know when you are done getting fingered. so you have to tell him of course! make sure that you tell him he was great if he was, and if he wasn't, don't say "it was okay..." in an unsure voice. don't say anything at all if wasn't that good. that way next time you attempt to have a good time, you can pretty much tell him what you want. :)

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ahh babe it feels amazing!
my boyfriend found this spot on me thats really sensitive and it feels good when he hits it makes me moan and it totally turns him on!!

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You know being fingered is pretty fun and a good alternative to having sex! When you're getting fingered he's just replacing his penis with his fingers. It shouldn't hurt if you're wet. If you're not wet enough then it just might hurt. But don't worry there's lube! But maybe this would be his first time, so you really need to let him know what does and what doesn't feel good cuz hell be going by your reactions! Its fun, you'll enjoy it I'm sure. :)

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hey I'm a 16 year old guy so let me be the first to say... make sure you really trust the guy because a lot of them out there just want to take advantage of you and getting in your pants I'm NOT trying to insult you I just think you should make sure you know what you want also...from what I understand you're kissing at school now? so isn't getting to fingering kind of a huge leap?

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