I need to know how to peirce my lip can you help me?

Alright well I’m 13 and my parents won’t let me get my lip peirced which totally pisses me off, but anyway I’m going to get it Amaturely Done by my friend heather..Yeah I don’t have a lot of faith in her but thats besides the point. What is the best way to peirce it without htting a nerve.? (safest way). Thank you.

Answer #1

make sure everthang is sterilized I am 13 and I gt mines my parent let meh do it meh self and it looks great

Answer #2

The best way? By a professional.

However, since you’re going against your parent’s wishes, then do what most kids your age do - get a needle, shove it through, then make sure you have your doctor’s phone number handy because you’ll need to see him when you end up with a nasty infection that leaves your lips scarred and disfigured.

Here’s a better idea - just don’t.

Answer #3

The safest way is to get it done professionally. You might as well respect your parents. They’ll make you take it out anyway, and you’ll just be stuck with the scar.

Answer #4

Not peircing it at all is the best way. Lip peircings look like crap on anyone, therefore I don’t reccomend you get it.

Answer #5

Uhmmm professional is the best way. Next to that I’d say wait till your old enough…

But uhmmm since your not a professional and neither is your friend you won’t even know how to look for the nerves foget knowing where they are. Also you might hit a capillary… Yayyy blood?

But if your that set on doing it, just sterilize a needle the best that you can, shove it through, and TADA… a bad lip piercing…

Good luck, and honestly I hope your smart about this… Because I did the same thing, and I have a scar now since I had to get it surgically removed… Then I waited and got it done professionally.

Answer #6

91jchevy87ec, that’s your opinion and I respect that but it’s kinda insulting and not to mention a little rude, just to let you know.

*Well if you’re not getting it done professionally, don’t get it done at all. It’s just not a smart thing to do if it’s not done by a professional.

Answer #7

Okay I just said I can’t get it done pro. And im asking for the safest way on my own. Not why I should’nt do it

Answer #8

Alright, here’s the deal - If your parents don’t want you to have it… you DON’T pierce it yourself. You either try to compromise with them or WAIT UNTIL YOUR 18 SO YOU CAN GET IT DONE RIGHT WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. Only a true moron would even THINK about doing ANY piercing by their self. Piercings are meant to be done PROFESSIONALLY… no matter what. If you pierce it yourself, chances are you’ll end up with infections, it won’t heal up correctly, and you probably won’t even pierce it right to begin with. Don’t listen to ANYONE giving you tips on how to do this yourself. Seriously, they’re full of sh*t. They’re NOT professionals and they DON’T know what they’re doing. Neither do you for that matter. If they would claim to be a professional piercer, ignore them because they’re lying. If they were truly a professional, they’d be saying “DON’T EVER do ANY piercing yourself. ALWAYS get your piercings done by a PROFESSIONAL like myself”.

Listen to my advice, I know what I’m talking about. You WILL regret doing it yourself and you’ll be wishing like hell you would have gotten it done professional. It’ll be well worth the price and you won’t be sorry, I promise. By getting it done professionally, you will KNOW it’s done right and you will have a VERY LOW risk of infection if you care for it properly that is. So seriously, DON’T DO IT YOURSELF. Get it done by a PROFESSIONAL.

Answer #9

Well then you out of luck… you DON’T pierce things yourself. If you can’t get to a professional - you don’t get piercings. That’s that.

Answer #10

^^^ What a7xparade said is So True.

We obviously can’t stop you from doing it but I guarentee you will regret doing it unprofessionally. There’s a smart choice and there is a, well, dumb one. But in the end you choose so… yeah. People know that you asked for ways to “do it yourself”, but it’s NOT smart OR safe. So yes we ARE giving the best answers whether you see it that way or not.

Answer #11

Uhhh I peirced my own lip w.o my moms approvell…It came out BEAUTIFUL…Just gotta be safe kiddo and sterilize EVERYTHING which means; Sterilize the Needle or whatever your gonna us to peirce it with,…Sterilize the retaner thingy…and the most important rule of all: Wash.Your.Hands…Then try to aline where you want it peirced.

Answer #12

I heard that yhuee need to feel around wit ure tounge wer there is a bump and the capillary or w/e its calleed there are also videos on youtube aswell.im planing on doing the same. But be sure you cleaned the needle be4 and also wer you are going to peirce and get rid of any hairs around the area as it has bacteria on it etc.
Hope this helps and funmail me wat happens xx

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