I need help with my homework?

I have to write an introductory paragragh and a suppeort paragragh about the following topic:

based on a recent attack by chimpanzees, should wild animals be allowed as pets? I need help coming up with how to start out my introductory paragragh, would anyone care to help me?

Answer #1

Well you could start your introductory paragraph by stating some facts…EXAMPLE… in today’s culture about XX %f people find it acceptable to keep animals previously considered as wild as pets. Recent attacts has brought this under consideration

Or something similar. Remember your introductory paragraphy should just introduce the users to your topic. So unless you are shakespeare (I am personally not that good at writing) just keep it short and to the point.

Answer #2

hey! I dont think I CAN help you dude. But thats probably the reason that people arent answering. Not that they DONT care. Uhm I heard recently (on the news) that chimps as pets dont work out easily anyways. I think its a bit cruel and harsh to take an animal out of its NATURAL habitat.

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