I need help naming him!!

I only have 3 weeks til Im due and I still havent picked out a name.. Its suppose to be a boy and he’s mixed (White & Black).

I really need so opinions about naming him.. I thought about LaDainian LeBron, Marcus LaDainian (after his dad because his name is Marcus Deshawn), LaDarius TreyShawn.. Which of these would be best???

Answer #1

Trey, Travis, Ashley, Cole, Adam, LeBron or Michael. There all nice names. Good luck with your son

Answer #2

well my boyfriend is mixed race and when I had a boy I called him usher after the singer

Answer #3

If you want to go for variety, Kriss. That’s a kind of sword.

Answer #4

marcus is cute or blake!

Answer #5

why are all the names sooo ghetto I mean really??? n-e ways how about brandon or travis or deaundre or darryl

Answer #6

My names chris. you should name him chris thats a good name :)

Answer #7

I like ythe name trey

Answer #8

I like trey

Answer #9

I think devin,nico,travis,jordan,michael,dylan,trey,tyrone,marcus,david,jaden,d-antae,seth,tayler, or eljay would be suitable.hope I helped!

~Much Love~ .Kota Rose.

Answer #10

I like the names trey and jaden.

Answer #11

haha what abouttt theee namesss brandon blakeee joshhh teaguee chriss stefen cole:]]]

Answer #12

Why the rush? When you see him and hold him, maybe the right name will just pop out!

Another point: remember that this the name HE’s going to have to live with. If you decide on a fanc why name, or one that’s going to be hard to learn to spell when the time comes, why not include a middle name that he could use as an option? That’s a lot easier than going through the formal procedure of legally changing his name.

Answer #13

Just think of his parents. Or your parents. Do they have interesting names that would work? YOu should never let someone decide your sons name. Thats your job. Just think of a close relative and their name. Would it be right for your son?

Answer #14

If I was having a mixed boy, I would name him Jahvon :) Or Davier. I find those names really cute.

Good luck with the babe! :)

Answer #15

Jahvon goes great with anything :)

Jahvon LaDainian Jahvon LeBron Jahvon LaDarius

I have a baby book full of 1000 names :) LOL.

Answer #16

Im NOT into the very confusing names…(ya know the ones with more than 4 syllables..)…Marcus is nice…and instead of TreyShawn..how bout just Trey…I do like LeBron though..it sounds cool..=]

Answer #17

My boyfriends name is Laykin(: I think its cute. I also like Bryson & Laydon.

Answer #18

My boyfriends name is Laykin(: I think its cute. I also like Bryson & Laydon.

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