I need help, my life is being torn apart?

how do I keep my parents together?

Answer #1

umm you need tah talk to them and make sure you know whats happening you might understand and they might see the brighter side of things remind them of the good times you had as a famiy..good luck

ps can you please help me on my questions especialy hard life!! URGENT HELP NEEDED cheers

Answer #2

well I understand

my parents got a divorce when I was about 4 or 5 and there is nothin you can really do

I know your gonna think its your fault but trust me it not you juss gotta hang on and over time your parents might relise to go their seperate ways…sory .. I know how you fell

Answer #3

Hmm, I don’t know what to say but It’s really your parents decision whether they want to stay together or not. Just tell them that your upset and be civil about it. Let them work out their problems and if they aren’t happy with each other, well, that’s unfortunate. I’d let them do what they need to do as far as staying together.

Answer #4

sorry I know its hard to accept but believe me if they dont want to be together anymore it would absolutley benifit NOONE if they stayed together. you have to let them make their own decisions unfortunatley you have no control over this situation if it happens hopfully they can still be civil. and you all will learn to adjust. it will take time but in the end its probably for the best. no should stay in a relationship in which they are unhappy. good luck

Answer #5

eh I dont think you can realy make them stay together if they dont love eachother they dont oh no its hard my parents were never together its hard but make it clear to them that your upset and try talking to them goodluk

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