I need help As A Typist in Office - I need help and Business Tips?

As A Typist in Office - I need help and Business Tips? or as a secretary (not really a sercretary, but im a secretary to my father, a salesperson) I have 8:am to 12:30 pm and 4pm to 7pm

I spend all of my time typing. My eyes are poping out. Im typing a material Items. So its kinda hard when you make a mistake, like you mistakenly changed the size, amount, type etc.

1) So How Should I type? Like Should I give it 10 mins? or 30 mins then 5 mins break or what? I might slow down the company lols

  1. I’m a typist. Im working with my father. My father is a salesman. He sales through computer and sometimes he deliver the items by himself, Sometimes its the delivery truck of the company. My father dont usually sell the company’s Item, its mostly from other company’s, He bought them and sell them again.
  • So how can I sell too?

3. As I Type my mind goes everywhere It imagine. Any Tips for typing a 800+ items? With 80 to 100 words or more? How should I divide my time for this? Any technique?

4 Is it ok to listen to music?

Answer #1

I do have a scanner in our office but its HP F300 series. Kinda help but it’ll take much time adjusting it… Scanner that converts it to a text, most of the times, it make mistakes! And I cant afford to make a mistake!

Answer #2

What I do is after about 30 minutes, get up take a short little walk away from the computer, just a couple minutes away helps your eyes readjust, and you mind. If music helps you, go for it, unless your father doesn’t want you to. Any little thing to help you try it. But to many breaks will slow you down, or if you take long walks away. Just little distractions do help.

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