Scared to sing in front of people

I have an prblem I am scared 2 sing infront of people what do I do I hurt my friands feelings cause I dont sing and I hate hurting my friends feelings I love them to much

Answer #1

Well what I reccomend you do is slowley build up your confidance… Like sing in your room, but make sure your parents can hear, but barely. Dont let them in your room though, Or if you play guitar, (like I do) that mutes your voice a bit, and that helps a lot. Sorry I may not be a lot of help but I am a singer too and to be honest with you, I couldn’t sing in front of anybody either, until one day I kind of just woke up and thought to myself “Hey, I kind of want to sing in front of people!”

All you gotta do is build up your confidance… Good luck!!!

A fellow singer =D

Answer #2

Act like all those people aren’t there. Just picture a few friends. Sing and do your thing and before you know it, it’ll all be over and everyone will be clapping.

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