How can i get a firm bubble butt like beyonce?

All I need to know is how I can gain a big firm bubble butt (like Beyonce). I really want one before summer! What foods will help me? What exercises can I do? I have a really small butt so if anyone knows how to build a bigger butt please let me know! I also want bigger thighs but I prefer muscle. So please somebody help me!

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I was always skinny (115 lbs), with a big but all my life when I was in high school. I am 216lbs now. I know it sounds like I'm fat but I'm really not im just thick. Its a mixture of eating protein and working out. I do about 30 min. of cardio a day I do a lot of leg lifting (weights). And squats. I am 5'10 so I am tall I look like Lisa Raye I have dd breast,small waist, thighs like alicia keys or ashanti and a but like buffy tha body. So it does work if you exercise do squats and do a lot of leg weights if you want think thighs. I also have big hips. I happen to like my size for my height and I get a lot of compliments from men and women.

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Eat plenty of bread drink plenty of nutraments and eat pasta eat junk food non stop exercise on the regular and have anal sex

How can I get a big bubble butt?

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I hav a big butt well guys call it a bubble bum i want it a little bit bigger wat can i do?

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do tha butt bums..LOLz...SQUAT ON SiDE DEN DO TO THE OTHER

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I have been eating a lot of protein and running on an elliptical. I have seen a huge difference. Also, I bought an exercise ball. 1) Lay the top of your back on the middle of the ball. 2) Make sure your butt is hanging off. 3) With knees in a 90 degree angle and thighs parallel to the floor,touch your butt to the floor. 4) Keep your knees high. 5) Return to starting position. TIP: While doing this, pull in your butt and stomach. It also helps the lower abs. Hope this helps. :D

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how can I gain fat or muscles in my butt, I want a big butt
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This isn't the answer you're looking for, but sorry, you get what you get as far as shapes go. The only way to get a bigger butt would be to gain weight, but that would also make the rest of you bigger, therefore, your butt would still be small in comparison with the rest of your body. You could try squats and lunges, which lift and tone, but they also build lean mucsle, which ultimately makes the butt flatter, not bigger. Trust me, I've tried it, didn't work. Your best bet is to purchase clothing that boosts your lower body, while drawing attention away from your upper body. Here are some tips:
* But jeans with large pockets that are placed farther apart, which makes the butt and hips appear larger.
* Wear FITTED pants, not skintight ones, which can flatten the butt even more
* Buy pants with pockets on the sides, which draw attention to sides of hips, making them look wider
* Wear a darker top and lighter pants to slenderize your upper body and draw attention to your lower body,
* Wear a v-neck top which minimizes shoulders
Hope that helped!
P.S. There are also these underwear with padding in them that a lot of celebs wear.
P.S.S. This is kind of hypocritical of me to say, but be happy with the body God gave you. There are people out there missing arms and legs and they're not complaining About small asses. It's best to appreciate your blessings while you can, because you really don't know what you have until you loose it!

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hhmm, so much ado about the booty!! I am negroid, my family is mixed up, so we got the flat a** asians, the wide hips europeans and the big a** negs. In my immediate family, some of my sisters got huge butts, some you gotto really look hard to see! My butt was always flat, but I had wide hips. I took on working out as a lifestyle, years ago, and my butt size has dramatically improved!! I pay special attention to working the hips, butt and thigh a few times a week. That being achieved, even when I fail to exercise for months at a time, my butt stays intact! There is no food you can eat to achieve a big butt without gaining weight in other places... wrong places albeit.

I dumped my first boyfriend because he was stupid enough to try and force anal sex on me!! We had a huge fight, in bed, I won, and he got the red light! All I'm saying is advice of that nature is really crappy!

There are pills on the market, which should be safe for gaining weight in concentrated areas, such as the butt, but these may have side effects, so be careful. In any case, whatever method you prefer, it's your choice to make. It's your frame, and you are the one who has to live with it. Different strokes for different folks.

I hope you will choose the one which is best for you.


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this is a bit skanky but if you shake your bum fast from side to side each day when you are in private it really makes it more firm and pronounced

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Before you go off the deep end, consider whether a B-butt will look good on you. But the only way you'll get a backside like Beyonce is to get plastic surgery and have solid silicone implants put into your buns to make them bigger. Either that or you can have fat injected in there. But neither will make you look exactly like Beyonce because YOU'RE NOT HER. Be happy with what you have. If you're healthy you shouldn't wish for other people's body parts.

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Like omg I seen that femimore thing to. Why isn't she sueing? Omg I was using it a while back to. That expensive crap takes months for some wack results. As far as dimeadozen, I got that book as a gift from my boyfriend (not mad anymore lol) and that stuff did actually make my butt small so I guess that's true. Wish I read this earlier huh lol! Well I been trying Actually got better results then everything else and barley been 1 week. Um... qouting "Other then that do protien (not bars they make you really fat) and booty exercises" that's perfect.

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dancing helps very well| . I danvce a lot jjust at home dancing on chairs and stuff. lol. and it tightned my theighs and butt. (: Aha

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I took an aerobics class for a semester and I saw a big difference in the shape and size of my bottom. I think a lot of step aerobics will give you some good results. There is nothing wrong with doing something that makes you feel better about yourself. Consistence is the key, it's all possible, to the negative natives!

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you don't need an azz like Beyonce's to be sexy. STOP WORSHIPING CELEBRITIES!!!

seriously, the only reason every guy in the world loves Beyonce's azz is because she is a celebrity and she is on TV.

I walk by hotter girls every day at my university!

but to answer your question, I think if you wanted an azz like hers you should take dance classes. because Beyonce dances and J-Lo dances, and they both have the bubble butts. I'm not saying this will work, it's likely just genetics, but if you're going to try something to get a bubble butt, might as well try that!

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no one can get a butt like everyone says..its basically genetic.she is a very thick woman.from her arms to her thighs she is thick. she was heavier at one point and worked on the weight.she lost the weight everywhere else but the booty.thats usually hiow it works.just do squats and leg lifts and the booty while get firmer and have a significant lift but rarely will it get bigger unless you gain weight

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Hello, my name is Yolanda, I have always been small but wanted to be bigger I want a big butt so bad I have tried creams but it has not worked im scared to have implants, and I have did squats please if any one have any suggestions about what I can do please email me Thank you so much

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look you cant have bigger butt unless you get fatter if you have a butt and your working out your butt will looks so much sexier like megan fox .having a big butt is genetic also having a very large butt doesnt make you that sexy belive me every boy in my country is dying for megan fox body and she doesnt have that large butt.

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First of all, if you really look, Beyonce don't have a big butt. Start noticing! If you look at the last show she did on television and she had on those coochie cutter shorts, it really shows that she doesn't have a big butt. Personally I think when she's in dresses she puts on a padded girdle or something. It changes. Because a butt doesn't change in size from outfit to outfit. You'll have a big butt no matter what you have on. Different clothes looks different, but the butt should be there, but her's isn't. Besides, NEVER want to be like someone else. Love you and if you don't LEARN HOW TO.

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