How to ask my parents for a counselor?

How do I ask my parents for a counselor?

Answer #1

Dear xxsexy_emoxx,

The best way to ask for anything is to just ask. there is no way around it and so just do it and they are your parents it is important that you are able to be honoest with them and feel compfotable talking with them.

Tell them that you need some one to talk to other then them I THINK THAT THEY WILL UNDERSTAND THAT. I MEAN I DONT SEE WHY THEY WOULDN’T.

Good luck.

Answer #2

If your parents dont want you to get a conselor and you want one go to the school one, other wise if your just nervious talkin to them I would just basically ask, can I have a conselor please!!

Answer #3


 I have a counselor and its dead good I can tell her every thing so just say to then I want to talk to some body who I dont no 
       good luck babe xxx
Answer #4

xxsexy_emoxx, If you don’t want to ask your parents for one then go to one at school. They are available in every school I’m pretty sure, you wont need your parents to talk to them. Or there are tons of hotlines out there if you need some help with something. Other then that, you’d just have to tell them that you need to talk to someone and you’d like to talk to a counselor. They probley wont take it that good though, they would want you to talk to them, not someone else. Its just a parent thing. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #5

ask the school counselor to suggest one to your parents.

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