How to get a big butt without surgery?

how can I get a big brazilian butt without having to go under knife? and all natural,exercize? what type?I dont have a way to make it to the gym so I hope home exercize work? but what kind of exercize? if not brazilian then like beyonce or j.lo

Answer #1

Side lunges. Also leg swings (front, side and back). Do 3 sets of 15 apiece of each exercise (eachj leg also). Do this 5-6 days a week. Walking up stairs works as well as exercises which you must crossover your legs. Try jogging around a track but go sideways. You need to build your glutius medius and min (I may be spelling them wrong). I have done it and have build mine pretty good. No flab. Real firm. ;)

Answer #2


This has been asked a trillion times. You can use the search bar to type in “butt” and find all of this:

Answer #3

stuff your underpants

Answer #4

anal sex really helps.I dont know ifyou’ll like this.and to be honest,its very painfully and uncomfortable in the beginning.but towards the’ll most likely began to love it.I dont really know about you beginning to like it.because everyone and they’re body is different.and also people also enjoy different things to as well.

Answer #5

Sorry girl, your either born with it or without it. Concentrate on your other assets!!!

Answer #6

Well not for nothing do you have sex in that department?, because if not maybe you need to try.

Answer #7

first you take 2 chairs and put one in front of you and 1 behind you.You put your hands on the neck of the chair in front of you and 1 foot on the chair seat behind you then you go up and down like you are doing squats. You go slowly and do NOT touch the floor… hold yourself up before you touch the floor then you move upwards.This is a very commen excercise to make you have a “big booty” you can look it up on youtube and everything! This is what I used to make my but bigger and in about a week or 2 I saw major increses in the size of my butt. I recomend this to you. thanks :) HOPE IT WORKS FOR YOU!!!

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