I mite be pregnant because i missed

my period my stupid boyfriend are worried I asked him a lot of times to buy me a pregnancy test he said to me I musnt speak to him until I know for sure if I am pregnant or not I dont have money at the moment to buy a test and he knows that I said to him how am I supose to tell him without a test hes just ignoring me now what should I do?

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You shouldnt wait like 2 months to see if you're pregnant, your baby needs prenatal care...if you are pregnant.
What are you still doing with him? Now should be the time that he's there for you most, you shouldn't be left to maybe deal with this alone.

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how can you know if you're pregnant or not if you haven't even taken the test.?
&&also if you missed it once, it doesn't mean you're pregnant, you should wait a bit longer like 2 months more to see if you haven't gotten your period.

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I know this was two months ago, but this guy does not sound good for you at all. If you're still with him, I'd seriously evaluate the situation.

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